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Evading Honesty® 2.0

Evading Honesty® 2.0

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Course Description

A 1-Day (8 Hour) unique and comprehensive proprietary course focused on building the communication skills of law enforcement professionals to adequately conduct objective interviews/investigations during their daily public encounters. With focus on establishing and improving an officer’s communication skills, this course delivers an in-depth look into proper evaluation of behaviors exhibited by both officers and citizens essential to establishing objective encounters. The techniques and approaches delivered enables any new or seasoned law enforcement professional to productively analyze, interpret, and evaluate dialogue during face-to-face encounters to minimize miscommunications, misinterpretations, and false analysis of responses by understanding factors that affect law enforcement/citizen interactions. Understanding communication essentials enables officers to de-escalate potential problematic situations/hostile encounters, minimize vicarious liability issues as well as citizen complaints, and conduct non-biased objective investigations, by properly detecting deceptive responses that may be present. The course enables officers to understand cultural attributes, communication styles, and delivers a logical approach to analyzing human behaviors. Upon completion of the course, officers will be able to capably articulate their analysis of deceptive behaviors in a report and testify to their findings in a court proceeding.


Triple I Solutions DOES NOT accept Purchase Orders OR send invoices to agencies/consumers for tuition payments of individual registrants. Registrations are only accepted via the on-line registration form and payment is due at the time of registration via credit card ONLY. Once payment is made, an electronic PAID INVOICE is automatically emailed to the emails provided at the time of registration. If your agency/department does not make payments via credit card, the only option is for the student/attendee/officer to make payment individually and seek reimbursement from their respective employer. Agencies registering more than 10 students/officers for an event can contact Triple I Solutions via the “Contact Us” form to arrange for bulk payment. ALL REGISTRATIONS AND PAYMENTS ARE DUE BY THE DEADLINE FOR EACH EVENT!

Street Cop Training Auditorium (NJ)
50 Millstone Road
Windsor Corporate Park
East Windsor, New Jersey 08520