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Shawn Pardazi

Capt. Shawn Pardazi is an internationally recognized speaker, author, and expert in the field of criminal and terrorism interdiction. During Shawn’s 27 year tenure in law enforcement he developed unique techniques and skillset that enabled him to successfully identify and capture key assets of some of the world’s most sophisticated smuggling operations.

Specializing in identifying clandestine activity, Capt. Pardazi developed a rapid assessment system to help identify OpSec countermeasures employed by clandestine operatives engaged in high level smuggling operations. His language skills and his middle eastern background was utilized by numerous federal investigative agencies and international intelligence agencies around the world in HUMINT and other national security related investigations.

Shawn has served in investigative capacities with the Federal Bureau of Investigations, DHS/Homeland Security Investigations, Internal Revenue Service-Criminal Investigations and many other special investigative bodies and intelligence apparatuses within the United States and abroad. He continues to serve as a licensed law enforcement officer in three southern states in the United States. He is a certified police instructor in Texas as well as US Department of Justice.