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Matt Cornett

Matt Cornett

Matt Cornett began his patrol career at a police department in Bexar County, Texas in late 2011. During his time there, he led the agency in felony arrests and was placed in a proactive role, focusing on recovering narcotics, stolen vehicles, and all varieties of other crimes. He attended his first interdiction training a year after starting with the police department, followed by his first significant highway interdiction seizure shortly thereafter.

He eventually left the police department to join the Texas Highway Patrol in June of 2013. As a trooper, he would continue to focus on the proactive aspects of law enforcement in South Texas. It was here where he would begin to build a solid foundation and begin truly honing the craft of working interdiction. After five years of successful interdiction work as a Trooper in the area, he changed positions to work at a regional HIDTA Task Force Interdiction Team.

He continued his interdiction efforts at the Task Force, until taking an opportunity to get out of law enforcement on a full-time basis and enter the private sector to better position his family’s quality of life. With the support of his wife and two young children, Matt works for First Tactical, still holds a peace officer commission in Texas, by which he continues his interdiction efforts when time allows.