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Where can I find your vendor documentation (ex W-9, business license)?

Vendor info such as our State Business License and W-9 can be found in the resources section of our website.

I didn’t receive a confirmation receipt. How do I get one?

This could happen if the wrong email was entered when registering or if your agency has strong spam filters in place. If you didn’t receive your confirmation receipt or ticket complete the related form under the Contact Us section and we will review and confirm your registration.

What is your cancelation and refund policy?

Please visit the Terms of Service link listed at the bottom of the website for detailed and up to date information about payments and refunds.  

Can I make payment installments for the classes?

Considering that the product delivered in a classroom is intellectual property and can not be taken back after it’s delivered, full payment is required prior to attending the courses.

Do you take any other forms of payment other than credit cards?

Triple I Solutions will accept payment by check only if an agency is registering 10+ students for the same event.  However, payment must be received prior to the payment deadline.

Triple I Solutions DOES not accept individually paid check payments by persons or departments.  Payments can not be paid upon arrival to the class.  

If an agency does not have a credit card to make a payment, it is suggested that the student make the payment him/herself at the time of registration and submit the receipt to their employment for reimbursement.  

My agency only pays by issuing a “Purchase Order”, how is that handled?

Unfortunately, Triple I Solutions does not take Purchase Orders as a form of payment.  All payments are due at the time of registration via credit card processing.  

For agencies that do not have credit cards, attendees will typically pay the tuition themselves and submit the paid receipt for reimbursement to their agency for the cost of the tuition paid.  

Where can I find out more about the instructors?

You can visit the Instructors Page for more information.  

I didn’t receive my certificate after class. What do I need to do?

If you did not receive your certificate complete the appropriate form under the Contact Us section and we will issue a new certificate after reviewing your registration.  

Do you offer law enforcement discounts?

NO! Triple I Solutions provides training to law enforcement ONLY.  Hence, the entire customer base “IS” law enforcement.  

Do you provide free classes?

No!  Triple I Solutions is NOT a non-profit entity and there is a cost associated for its services.  At times, an agency may select to contract a course and provide it free to students in their area.  Even though these courses are listed as a “no-cost” course, the cost is covered by another entity.

I left my last agency and can no longer access my the “Virtual MyLETraining Platform” account. What do I do?

Send a message through the Contact Us form, select the “Registered Students” option with your full name, login email of your account and provide a new email address in the comments field to help us update your account information. 

Once the account is updated, you’ll get access back to your account. It’s recommended that you use a personal email for your log in, in the event that future loss of password or employment changes becomes becomes problematic when it comes to email access.  

How do I host a class at my agency?

Please visit the Host A Class section of the website, where you can find the Hosting Requirements information.  

Where can I purchase your merchandise?

You can Click Here or visit the Triple I Solutions’ Swag Store at

Please note that some products such as shirts, hoodies, and tumblers are “Print On-Demand” products that are manufactured once the order is placed and drop shipped from a third party vendor.  Once an order is placed, there is no possibility to change or cancel the order.