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Evading Honesty® 

Evading Honesty® 

On-Demand via OSS Academy

Course Description

This 8 Hour Video based On-Demand course was developed by Shawn Pardazi and Brandon Roberts (Authors of The Evading Honesty® Book ), who based on their experience, reviewed thousands of their own videos and criminal interdiction cases to determine set of factors that are present in those who are being deceptive during contact with Law Enforcement Officers.

Utilizing their expertise in rapid behavioral analysis, statement analysis and years of experience, they were able to identify certain triggers that can be implemented to determine the level of deception in an interview. Knowing that the legal system always requires the officer to be able to justify detentions based on factors that are abnormal, their course is designed to give the officers the tools they need to properly analyze, articulate and testify to a variety of factors to establish the presence of deceptive queues and properly testify to their existence in a court of law.