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Decoding Cover Alibis™

Decoding Cover Alibis™

On-Demand Only

Course Description

This Proprietary 10 Hour Video based On-Demand course is designed to assist the line officers, no matter their respective assignment, to gain the ability to rapidly assess their face-to-face contact with any person to determine if criminal activity is potentially present. 

This course introduces the officers to the concept of “Cover” recognition to enhance their ability to detect and apprehend individuals involved in a wide variety of criminal actions.  The course teaches the officers how to determine if and when an influential cover has been introduced by a violator, how to proceed with elicitation techniques to gain more intelligence, while engaged in general police investigation functions and be able to confirm the presence of potential criminal activity.  Instruction includes the ability to narrate such observations effectively in a report to assist in establishing reasonable suspicion on a short term face-to-face contact scenario to assist in justification of potential investigative detention for further examination of the encounter.  Officers will also be exposed to various quick assessment concepts on how to rapidly determine if deception is present and have the ability to effectively testify to them in a court proceeding.  The tactics delivered in this course were developed to be deployable by patrol officers, traffic enforcement units, School Resource Officers, Street Level Interdiction Officers, as well as seasoned highway interdiction officers and more.