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Smugglers, Inc.®

Tradecraft All Around Us! Throughout history, black market goods, weapons, narcotics, and other assets have been transported across borders, within rural and metropolitan areas of every nation. A lucrative business, operated by thousands of sophisticated criminal organizations, is responsible for death, destruction, and ripping apart families and nations. Its reliance is on supply and demand and it operates through a system of carefully designed and deployed clandestine measures throughout the world. It’s focal point, Profit! This book gives you the insight into the dynamic nature of these clandestine operations and how the author identifies, apprehends, and helps lock away Smugglers, even using them to train law enforcement agents throughout the world. The next time you see a headline that a large shipment of narcotics was seized, or a terrorist cell was identified and apprehended on the highways, you’ll have the inside track into the work conducted by those who protect the innocent public. It is a guide for civilians, military, intelligence, and law enforcement worldwide in understanding these unique operations.

Evading Honesty®

From hardcore criminals concealing major crimes, to your children hiding their homework, members of the Global Counter-Smuggling Training Consultants teach you a simplified method of reading deception in your everyday lives. Through years of use in law enforcement and special operations, the Evading Honesty system has proven over and over again to be an effective tool benefiting both law enforcement and the average citizen alike. It’s time you know your surroundings, who you can trust, and those who are Evading Honesty.